Origin and Purpose

NOAB Ventures is an entity created for the personal climate impact and sustainability investments of our direct family.

We make modest investments in areas where we identify with entrepreneurs and teams that we see have a chance of making a substantial positive impact, and where we see paths to support.

Why "NOAB"? … NOAB is an abbreviation of “No Absolutes…”. The carousel of wisdom and NOAB quotes on the home page gives some background context.

Quite simply, the urgency to get ahead of climate change has created circumstances where innovation breakthroughs will be needed as part of the path to a sustainable future. This will need entrepreneurs and teams to take on missions that are not assured of success, and to do so from a core spirit of stewardship and sustainability.

Breakthroughs are often found on paths less commonly followed and these paths are rarely followed without setbacks and challenges. We need entrepreneurs and teams who, as Theodore Roosevelt captured so well in his amazing "arena" quote, are prepared to "dare greatly" to achieve "worthy causes",... and who are prepared to accept there are no absolutes in terms of outcomes for their path.

No Absolutes can be applied to business and to life. Basically, the principle is that there are no guaranteed outcomes but that each step on our path should be placed with as much integrity to values and understanding as possible based on where we are at any instant.

The scope and reach of NOAB Ventures is very modest but we aim to be part of the solution alongside like-minded investors by backing and supporting an appropriate range of innovation entrepreneurs and teams with sustainability in their heart as they dare greatly toward worthy causes in life's arena.