Accreditations and Copyright

NOAB is a word Trademark used by NOAB Ventures in various fields of business.

This website and the graphic representation of NOAB used on the website utilizes images from NASA. Utilization of the NASA images does not imply any endorsement by NASA. We have used these images because nothing shows the importance of moving to a sustainable future better than the wonderful images NASA has made available in the public domain of the earth sitting alone in space.

Various quotes are used in the home screen content in a carousel that runs automatically. Where this is done the person that we understand to be the originator of the quote is identified. Use of these does not imply any endorsement by the person identified and each quote should be considered in it's unique context. We note our respect for these awesome guides and their wisdom.

Trademarks and Logo's of various companies that NOAB has invested in are used in the website. These remain the intellectual property of the respective company.